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Outplacement Services

ROI Search Group offers distinct outplacement programs
to assist leaders and team members in their career transition.

“The only constant in life is change” - Heraclius

The evolution of work culture is taking place right before our eyes. While maintaining, building, and strengthening their foundations, businesses must be flexible and adaptable in new ways during uniquely challenging times. Knowing the impact their actions have on current and prospective employees, top organizations are utilizing outplacement services to mitigate potential damage to the company’s brand and its reputation over the long term. As transition experts, ROI Search Group is available to become a necessary extension of your organization by becoming a trusted partner.

Navigating today’s workplace shift just got easier.

KeyboardWhat do you need to do to set the tone for smooth transitions within your organization?

Successful companies are finding it crucial to have a current outplacement plan in place to help meet and exceed organizational goals. 

ROI Search Group can help.

Corporate Coaching
“Plan your work and work your plan” - Napoleon Hill

Customized outplacement services will help your business thrive. By utilizing our programs businesses are able to:

  • Ensure employees feel supported
  • Provide a foundation for Human Resources transition team members
  • Effectively help employees bridge the gap between unemployment and their next position
  • Help employees craft messaging to assist them with social media and other public communications

Some of the additional benefits our outplacement services provide are:

  • Establishing better relationships with existing employees
  • Positioning the company to increase the likelihood of rehiring once laid-off employees
  • One-on-one virtual coaching and live group webinars, recorded and available on-demand

Personalized support
For employees receiving outplacement services, the program provides a personalized approach to support them in their transition from unemployment to their next career move, while educating, training, coaching, and mitigating risk.

Opportunity Knocking
ROI Search Group will assist those displaced in finding and obtaining new career opportunities that fit their interests and skills.

Return on Investment
ROI Search Group provides weekly communication detailing consulting and career transition services, as well our recruitment services, to establish your return on investment. Our objective is a tailored service to help you provide for a seamless transition, benefitting the company and its employees and promoting an overall positive workplace atmosphere.

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Manager & Team Members Outplacement Program: Career Coaching

This high-powered program is designed to help transitioning employees achieve their desired career situation as quickly as possible. With personalized, one-on-one career coaching, this service provides the support, guidance, and practical tools necessary to help employees make informed choices regarding their next career move. ROI Search Group’s Career Coaching Outplacement Program includes coaching and advising, resume review, and support.

Leadership Outplacement Program

The Leadership Outplacement Program provides all of the key elements of the Career Coaching Outplacement Program, plus additional coaching input to reflect the particular career challenges of those working at the most senior level. This program includes multiple hours of one-on-one career coaching and advising. The program begins with a meeting to draft a polished bio and capture a professional headshot, crafting the candidate’s current story as they move onward into their next role. Services include: providing job leads, resume writing and/or cover letter help, LinkedIn updates, coaching on utilizing for job searches, and candidate marketing where applicable. Additional time is spent networking on the candidate’s behalf, as well as the firm providing employer introductions, and making recommendations to various professional associations.


ROI Search Group’s Outplacement Services help to:

  • Uncover personal career insights
  • Rebuild confidence
  • Map out desired career paths
  • Take a targeted approach to job searching
  • Gain an accurate market perspective
  • Have more success at interviews
  • Shape an impactful social media profile and resume

“If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself.” - Henry Ford

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